super easy to make Valentine envelope :


I have this new sweater that was a christmas present. It is simple and easy to match, but I didn’t liked the buttons. They had the brand written all around them , so I replaced them for some vintage buttons I had. I simply cut the original ones,then arranged the vintage ones in the order I liked the most and then sew them.

You’ll need :

1. sewing machine and thread

2. 15 sheets of paper

3. scissors

4. Bristol paper

5. pens, pencil colors or water colors. ( what ever you want to decorate your notebooks.)

6. paper cutter


* Cut the paper length and width you want, you are going to fold the paper in half so for example : if you want your book to be 4×4″ you’ll need to cut 4×8″(double the length), and do the same with your bristol. ( the bristol will be the cover, so you’ll need just one sheet.) cut the bristol a little bigger than the sheets of paper. just like you see in the picture below.


* fold in half your bristol paper a little so you’ll see whats the size and what would be in the back and front. Now you can start painting or drawing on it.

* If you used water colors let it dry.





*put the paper sheets over the bristol paper (make sure the bristol is dry)  now start sewing them together, make sure you sew exactly in the middle and straight (because that is the part you are going to fold).




* After is all sew together fold it in half. The inside is going to look like this:









* And the outside like this :









* Now your Hand made Note book its finish. Don’t forget to sign it.










I found this really cool jewelry hanger by Poketo, so I decided to do one myself.









You’ll need :

-long piece of wood

-plastic animals

-wood glue

-hand saw ( with blades )

-sand paper



Cut all the plastic animals in half.

Place the sand paper in a flat surface, then sand the back part of all the plastic animal you cut (the parts with the head ), so its flat enough to be parallel to the wood.

 Also sand the wood to make sure its flat and clean.








 Put some wood glue on the back of each plastic animal and paste them on to the wood piece.





 Then just let them dry for a wile.

You can also pain the wood any color you want, just make sure you paint the wood first, let it dry and then glue the animals.







 Now, just hang it on the wall, hang some jewelry on it and walaa! you have an awesome self made jewelry hanger.


You will need :

black & white nail polish and a thin brush







Paint all your nails white :







Then the edge of all of them with the black polish






And with the thin brush make the lines for the teeth, 2 small dots for the nose and 2 big ones for the eyes :





And, wallaa !! awesome DIY halloween skull  nails :