Ever wonder how to do a braided pie?

Well I found this image that needs no words to show how its made :











Now, just put it in the oven.

I found this really cool jewelry hanger by Poketo, so I decided to do one myself.









You’ll need :

-long piece of wood

-plastic animals

-wood glue

-hand saw ( with blades )

-sand paper



Cut all the plastic animals in half.

Place the sand paper in a flat surface, then sand the back part of all the plastic animal you cut (the parts with the head ), so its flat enough to be parallel to the wood.

 Also sand the wood to make sure its flat and clean.








 Put some wood glue on the back of each plastic animal and paste them on to the wood piece.





 Then just let them dry for a wile.

You can also pain the wood any color you want, just make sure you paint the wood first, let it dry and then glue the animals.







 Now, just hang it on the wall, hang some jewelry on it and walaa! you have an awesome self made jewelry hanger.

I found This Beautiful flower bouquets, corsage, boutonniere, wreath, all hand made out of Felt by handmadecolectibles, a store at etsy.com. All are so pretty, and I’m sure they’ll last a long time looking like they just blossom.

ps. Do not need water!!

Here are some of them you can buy them and see more at handmadecolectibles, a store at etsy.com :